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2020 CTE Graduates Post-Secondary Survey

Dear Pasadena Unified Graduate,

In order to assess the impact of our educational programs, we are following up with recent graduates to learn about your experience after leaving high school.

The information collected in this brief, 5 minute, survey will be used by the district for planning and program improvement, as well as complying with federally mandated reporting obligations.

Your participation is voluntary and you will have the option to skip or decline to answer questions which you do not feel comfortable answering. Your responses will be kept confidential in accordance with the Federal Educational Rights of Privacy Act. Any summaries of survey responses will be aggregated and will not identify any individual student or their responses. If you have any questions about this survey, please email our research office at

Thank you for your help! Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated.


Kristina Turley-Payne, Ed.D.
Coordinator of College and Career Pathways
Pasadena Unified School District